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10-inch Records; splits feat. Eyeswan or Christina Alessi


• 'Weathered' 10" vinyl EP - (driftwood-sand jacket w/choice of Gray or Green multi-color splatter) 2 songs by each group, Hidden Cabins & Eyeswan, on multi-colored vinyl + digital download code. [Engineer Records/Koi Records]
*Available while color combos last* Include color choice during check-out, we'll do our best to try and meet it. If unavailable, we'll send the other. Thank you!

• 'Boundaries' 10" vinyl EP - (barbed wire sky-field jacket w/classic black vinyl) 2 songs by each artist, Hidden Cabins and Christina Alessi, recorded over a single weekend at Nada Recording Studios on a limited edition split 10-inch vinyl + digital download code. [Combover Records]